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Mountain Ride

Dissatisfied with not really having done anything, I put the one-brake bike in the back of the Caliber and drive up the Saddle Road, between the Maunas. On Sunday, people were riding the flaking road to Mauna Loa and I thought: that’s an idea. Yesterday it is pouring in Hilo, and misty and cold here. […]

Mars Road

If this isn’t its name, it should be.

A Far Beach

I hiked to Halapē beach in Volcano National Park on Tuesday, July 14. Some time had to pass for me to recount this, not  because of mishaps (none) or terrors (no real ones), but because I needed time to figure out if this was an accomplishment or not. This is the jewel of the park’s […]

Hilo ride

I’m on my way back from the mountain and I see them: girl and boy, with that earnest dazed look they all have. They have stepped out of a magazine, all tawny-haired and tanned lithe. We just need up past the Halapana bridge, she says. He has a bike’s front wheel. It’s hardly any distance. […]

An earnest question

Why am I the only one barefoot at a beach?

Power Collides

Every so often, great forces reach up and grab someone. I am taken to where it’s safe to stand, shown where you never want to go. Someone’s memorial marker is still lustrous from 1998. There is a can with flowers, dried now. MacKenzie State Park is named for someone who was barely twenty one when […]

Paying in the End

Regence claims information for my ER trip posted today. Retail price: $1349.82 What it looks like I’ll pay: $637.32 Some free market.