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A question

I wonder what it is I’m running from, if anything.

When younger, it was parents, school, self-disappointment, the rural, freeways. Then whatever was objectionable and squelching from the last job.

I enjoyed the rented rooms, walking streets alone, the slow time of writing letters on paper.  I was engaged in appropriate suffering.

Things and I are different now. What I want in the external world comes from different motivation, leads to different ends. Sometimes you have to go there to be here, and sometimes you don’t.


One comment on “A question

  1. In a way, I envy the freshness of what you are experiencing. Sometimes I get up and feel that every morning is the same and that I am stuck in a holding pattern. I think of the past and begin to feel suffocated by it. I hope that you gain a new perspective and direction and you savor the experience.

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