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Today’s wisdom

I think he’s native when I first see him, but it’s a deep tan of decades here. He has the saturated happiness of someone innocent in the world.

People judge you for what you are here. They don’t look at what you have or where you came from or what you’ve done, man. They look and see the real you and draw it out. That’s what they see, man. It’s really cool. Really cool. It’s what you need, man.

He tells me there are bubbling mineral springs hidden down a pathway, you can see all the islands from the top of Mona Loa, the best swimming is four miles beyond the industrial area. It’s like being dropped into an aquarium.

Yeah, man, I’ll hook you up. You’ll meet cool people. You got three months, man. You’re in the right place, right?

Yeah, the weather man, it’s like Seattle, right? Oh, it’s dry in the summer? Wow. So Seattle’s on the ocean, right?

I thank him for the much better bike, a beachcomber Specialized. Yeah, he’ll put a water bottle carrier on it. No worries, man. It’s your bike, man.

He told me what the Hilo beachfront is called, but I don’t remember. Sack & Save has the cheapest groceries. Be sure and get a Maika’i card, though.

He is quick and generous with wisdom. Sure thing, man. Aloha!


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