It is humbling to stand on the world’s beating heart. Its skin is very thin here.

That evening, I could see the caldera’s orange glow off in the distance. Of course it is a god, all primal caprice and infinite power. Primitive people aren’t primitive.


3 comments on “Volcano

  1. Very cool. I really like your description here.

  2. Dex

    Nice blog.

    You know what my facile insight was, after a year of travelling and living in Africa? People are people.

    You know people? Right? Well, that’s what people are. You can go a long way and realise that people do not become aliens because the temperatures are higher, the landscapes more beautiful and there are different diseases around. Nor do they become consistently more noble, or wise, or happy. They’re us.

    There’s a southern African saying which gets abbreviated “ubuntu abantu” and gets translated as “people are who they are because of other people”.

    If I look for a better/purer/whatever “me” through other, new people, I still end up seeing the same person. Partners, kids, gurus, friends, fans, celebrities, followers, heroes, parents, readers. People are people. Ubuntu abantu.

    I’ll be on retreat tomorrow at the Samye Ling centre in Scotland. I expect during meditation I will be doing a lot of thinking about people, checking where I am, relative to the rest of the herd.

    A bit like this post.


  3. Conrad (aka Mr. Europe),

    Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode “People Are The Same All Over”? I remember seeing it in middle school, in the early Eighties. It has always proven itself. Accents and lingo change, but the core does not. Some cultures emphasize happiness, community, sexuality, art more, and are happier. Some don’t, and are richer or poorer for it, the difference having to do with natural resources more than what people think or do. But the same buttons can be pushed, the same reverence evoked. This is clear even traveling around America, which you know is its own planet.

    Thinking about this since I read your comment yesterday, the most true thing I can say right now is I didn’t come here to find anything, but to lose and let go of things.

    Thanks for the blog compliment. I have always treasured your recommendation on my Linkedin profile about my cultured sense of humor. Humour, sorry.

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