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Small Press

I submitted the twitter story on December 10. Today, the editor emails me. He’d like to print it tomorrow. Thus the email delivers the last present from Hawaii. Advertisements

Paying in the End II

The great ivory wheels of Regence turn both slow and easy, every night and day, down by the river. My final bill for the wave-rolling ER adventure is now $558.92, compared to the originally billed $1349.82. Regence will pay none of this, but the discount is a relief. Being America, I had to pay $100 […]

Office Pool

My friend started an office pool on the outcome of my adventure. She assumed I would resent and be offended by the idea, but I found it hilarious. There is, of course, a free office pool website where bets are placed. She puts it this way: It’s a three-month adventure. He’s been there two weeks. […]

Stuck – repost

The completed “Stuck” has been reposted.


Tuesday 7/19/11: Sunday afternoon I got stuck. Yesterday afternoon I was freed. More to come. I have to get the guys that rescued me some beer. Wednesday 7/20/11: Disappointing update: The guys got their beer on Tuesday. They continued to insist it was no problem, no need. It occurred to me taking them the gift […]


My latest Bank of America Visa statement has arrived. My biggest expense aside from rental cars has been putting gas in them. For an island 75 miles across, I’ve bought over $400 of it. All those poor Midwesterners who have to drive everywhere. My transit pass is in my wallet, ready to go home.

Unemployment II

The machine that was too busy to talk last week now provides clicks, pops, blown-out music, and a drawn silence that is its own punchline. The silence is broken by the psychobabble rumble of a call center and a woman comes on to ask how she can help me. Speaking with unemployment requires a certain […]