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Mau’umae Beach

A sign

A sign

The beach also features excellent swimming.

Clothing required

Clothing required

From shore, it’s about an eighth mile out to where the cove ends–where the trees and rocks are. The bottom is smooth sand, ripped by waves, and is much farther down than I guess. Out at the end the swell is several feet, which frightens me at first. By the end of the day I bob with it for half an hour, realizing I am calm and unafraid. The ocean is powerful but I can float.

A guy from Salt Lake is impressed the final swim in. Man, you were far out there, he says, his pretty wife hanging back behind her sunglasses. I tell him I had to do it a few times before it was comfortable, and then the fear left. It was a growth experience.

On one circuit I see something shining up from the bottom. I swim down to it and retrieve an intact Corona bottle. The cap has no rust so it must have escaped someone’s cooler recently and settled here, twenty feet or so down. I wedge it in the back of my suit and swim in with it.

If you’d like a beer, I know where you can get one.

Free beer

Free beer


One comment on “Mau’umae Beach

  1. Sounds like you are settling in and finding some peace. I will call you soon.

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