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What You Are Looking For

I am not the only one searching for something. Top search terms for this blog: dex3703 pau hana breath kids have no fear dex3703.wordpress pau hana tee shirts maui jim pau hana blog cinder cone rescue wind energy at ka lae south point hawaii hana bus dog licking sexual organs of sleeping girl strange […]

Gift Bag

I am late to a dinner party. This is normal even as much as I strove to be on time, but at least it’s not my fault: Safeway is to blame. The bag of Clementine oranges confuses the checker, requires a supervisor who waves a handwritten note in front of the woman. “Just do what […]


A few hours ago as sunset deepened, I read this in the nearby forest, the one Max would have liked: Only the living seem incoherent. Death closes the series of events that constitutes their lives. So we resign ourselves to finding a meaning for them. To refuse them this would amount to accepting that a […]

Cost of the Scratch

Email from Alamo comes today with their accounting of the damages thus: $414.06  Actual damage to the car $2.96      Tax $50.00   Administrative fees $20.96   Loss of use Free        “Diminishment of value” $487.98  Total I am always intrigued how the edifice of the corporate machine can lay down nickel-and-dime baloney amounts of injury that actual people […]

The End of Pills

I finished the last of these yesterday, three months’ worth. The reasons I was taking it have been gone for some time, but I have kept taking it in the hopes they stay gone. Some distrust pills. They have had bad experiences, friends and relatives too attracted to the wrong kinds, feel that fate should […]

Dole Man

Came to me on a dusty road The state’s good lovin’–not quite a truck load When you get it at least you got something I didn’t worry–I knew it was coming. I’m a dole man I’m a dole man I’m a dole man I’m a dole man

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the Big Island’s highest mountain measured in the conventional fashion, rising to 13,796 feet from sea level to peak. Locals are happy to point out Kea is in fact far higher than Everest when measured from its true base on the sea floor: almost 33,000 feet, besting Everest by 3/4 of a […]