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Unemployment III

Calling yesterday results in being dismissed by the busy phone robot. Calling first thing in the morning gets you to sit in line on hold as a woman suggests you do what you’re doing on the website, since it is newly redesigned and must therefore be possible.

The wait is not long, only fifteen minutes or so. A woman not burned out by a day in a headset takes my Social Security number and waits for her screen to refresh.

As anyone beyond the early elementary grades would expect, the current reality does not match any of those past realities discussed or written down by the pursestring representative. My mid-July initial claim, which I would told would be rejected but would count as my unpaid “waiting week”, will not count as my waiting week–this current week will. Thus I will be paid for only three weeks, not four. You probably haven’t gotten the rejection letter yet, she said. When you do you can contest the decision.

Eight, four, three. I am not upset. I must be in what is a tiny minority of people for whom a missing week or month of dole is just one of those things, instead of a calamity. I am sure the phone is busy all afternoon with calamity.


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