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The Cat Is All Right

Interests are elsewhere

Interests are elsewhere

Bonnie is getting a dog. She says dogs have owners and cats have staff. Two months of staffing have demonstrated that the generosity of others should not be discounted.

Koshi the Cat is neither delighted nor avoidant. She sniffs me some, lies down to bat the toy Bonnie bought for her. What kind of crappy hunter lies down to chase something? I think Bonnie discounts how much the cat understands what is up.

The new deck has become a point of interest since Jim coaxed her outside. As we discuss the tigerwood planks Koshi the Cat steps out and sniffs the new screwholes and peers over the edge. She seems willing to try jumping to the ladder and complains when she is taken inside, then wanders off to sit on the couch, where she has deeply dented the cushion.

Bonnie talks about the tube toy she wanted to get but Jim forbade. Koshi the Cat lies under a coffee table and looks out at us, content and self-satisfied. When Jim walks up the driveway she bolts up, meows and runs to the door. She has bonded more with Jim and follows him around the house, Bonnie says.

They had a mobile cat groomer come and tend to her. They took her to the vet. They are the good and honest people that put the lie to the media circus bloviation that we are a nation of overweight sociopaths. Hear Steinbeck in your mind’s ear, Copland in the background.


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