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Unemployment Resolved

First call: Robot too busy, call back later.

Second call: Robot too busy, leave a callback number. You will not lose your place in line. You will receive a call back between THIRTY-NINE and FIFTY-NINE minutes from now. Thank you for calling Washington Employment Security.

The man that calls is professional, close, efficient, and friendly without catering or cowing. We do the verify dance and he is satisfied. I am cogent enough to explain my issue–exactly how much do I get, given the different answers received–even while watching the clock. I have a lunch to get to.

As your grandparents would say, the man is very nice. He has the sureness of the good teacher, the friendly adult in the kid’s book that wants to help, that explains. He exudes proactive care as he reviews.

I suffer from a common confusion, he explains. Four weeks of dole for me; eight weeks does not apply due to an employer change. There is confusion on their end too. It’s a confusing policy, he says. I don’t argue. I am sure he suffers yelling from people at the end of their ropes all day long and four is more than zero.

I was given a week by mistake, but it was their mistake, and he won’t take that week away. This will count as my unpaid waiting week, so I assume I will get the full four paid. I do not have to search for work.

Hanging up the phone has the release and finality of sealing an envelope. Late morning sunlight is a little brighter. There is always victory in a thing being decided and through.


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