Cost of the Scratch

Email from Alamo comes today with their accounting of the damages thus:

$414.06  Actual damage to the car

$2.96      Tax

$50.00   Administrative fees

$20.96   Loss of use

Free        “Diminishment of value”

$487.98  Total

I am always intrigued how the edifice of the corporate machine can lay down nickel-and-dime baloney amounts of injury that actual people cannot. Where do I charge the DMV for time wasted standing in line? What window do I stand at to claim damages from anxiety and lost youth? That would be a long line, I imagine.


2 comments on “Cost of the Scratch

  1. Let me guess, your deductibe is $500 right?

  2. Yes, but the credit card will take care of that. 🙂

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