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Mail from unemployment comes. Some may feel relief, or maybe certainty, when they see the plain white envelope with the Economic Security Department logo in plain green at the top, but I feel dread. Light and quick, to be sure, but since having to prove I was looking for work the last time I was […]


As a kid I can remember my mother’s frustration that Sunday was still off-limits to commerce. In late Seventies Texas, the runaway go-go fervor had not overcome the pulpit’s steadfast oratory and the blue laws held sway. Malls were closed and you could buy milk but not ice cream, bread but not cake, and only […]

Jobs Aside

Steve Jobs graced the cover of a recent Newsweek. My housemate set it aside for me. He didn’t’ know Jobs was adopted and thought I’d be interested. I’ve been thinking about it since. Jobs presided over the transformation of the computer as a religious artifact or antisocial curiosity to indispensable appliance. He imagined a mutable helper […]

Instant Autumn

Seattle’s autumn has an instanaeity. One day the sky is robin’s egg blue, cloudless, the air cool with the warmth of northern places. Then you wake up and the clouds are back, thick as beams, and the almost-rain just smears under the wipers. Why do the light and clouds affect us so? Temperature is cooler, […]

Let Me Eat Cake

Three days at work have elicited no panic attacks, fretful glances, bladder indecision or any histrionics of any kind. It is the same white vague New International style corporate building, surrounded by the same picturesque Northwest foliage, lost in a sea of suburban roads and taillights. The same halls turn the same corners where the […]

September Twelfth

The day of is too loud and too full of other people’s memories: there is a psychic froth that spills over and gums up everything. I remember that day like everyone else, but unlike everyone else I remember no fear, more a  dumb wonder, like Christmas without any happy. That waning summer I had left […]

Days of Fifteen

Hawaii has a tradition of ease. It’s not what I imagined, or what the advertising suggests. It is more the ease of having a low-wage part-time job, a pickup truck, a place to sleep. Work is over (pau hana) and there is time to get some beer, maybe some other things, kick back, slow down. […]