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Bus to Where

I ride the bus to work today. It’s nothing new and hardly exceptional, for the town or myself. I always wanted to live in the big city, and part of that is not being stuck in a car, far from everything. The bus isn’t a limo but it gets you where you need to go. […]

Nor’Easter Not Here

News says a nor’easter bears down on the East Coast, with talk of early surprise snow, records broken, batten-down-the-hatches. Yesterday morning here breaks more clean than messy, with rose sun peeking through well-defined clouds, and maple leaves big as your head shining with golden light. There are no storms here but those of our own […]


I am not yet fully moved in to my new place, go to work every day at a job where for once I do not feel worry and dread, have finished my last improv class, am two days from Halloween, am not struggling with guilt and questioning as much as I was, and have just […]

The Obvious

Hundredth Post

“Moving” was the hundredth post. Is this ironic, telling, good? Momentum, at least, keeps moving.


When you first rode a bike, the task might as well have been changing a river’s course. Unforgiving and clueless you struggled, chest in your throat and lungs in your feet, hurtling through space’s maw. I remember the handlebars swinging from the invisible monsters pulling at them, felt the dead weight of gravity lunging in […]

Goodbye, Viaduct

They let the city walk where only cars could go. It rained then, but later the sun came, as brilliant as the concrete was grey. Seattle has been counting down the days until today, when one of its two major north-south arteries will be cut. The Seattle Viaduct, both a vaunted advance of municipal pride […]