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What You Have To Do

For me, it’s taken some time. I’ve had to be alone to hear and see the things I needed. They were inside me all the time, but I had to see them reflected in something outside myself to know them. I think about being alone. Am I, was I? I was in a place I […]

Schizo on the Bus [explicit language]

[This piece contains explicit language, because that is what happened.] Beauty infuses this day. Ignoring all the system’s programming to buybuybuy, I instead head in to work, where everyone goes to earn the money to buybuybuy the things they think they need because they must compensate for being at work all the time. Hourly workers […]

Your favorite posts?

Which posts have been your favorites, and why? It’s that time of year when you reach ahead and look back, and I’d like to know. If you’d rather not share publicly, feel free to email me at dex3703 at the google mail.

Night Bus Kindness

Cold comes before the thick rain. Early dark makes it thinner, more cutting, an absence around the lightpoles so different from the bulging weight it has in summer, creeping and squeezing around everything. Everything is crisp and has an edge. I am in the tunnel, downtown late. The tunnel is warm, clean and white, the […]

Walk On Past

A woman died here last week, hit by a train. The tracks run parallel to the rumbling river of I-5, which is my neighbor. Amtrak runs along here, two trains a day to and from Portland and California. Sounder, the commuter train that links Tacoma, runs here too, and that night last week a train […]

Saturday Sunlight Wonder

Snow was coming, they said, but no snow is here. Instead, bright sun, arctic blue sky, herringbone clouds like out of childhood. Everything is fresh and brilliant, dry and cold. It was a real hoot, once. The era that frequented such a place would have thought that joke funny. Seattle’s Georgetown is a gritty amalgam […]

Lost Box Is Found

I found the missing box today. I am still not unpacked, having avoided it. Opening a box lets out a lot more than the physical contents. It has been too much to open them aside from those that could not be avoided, or friends unpacked for me. Last night there was no resistance to opening […]