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Last Box

Everything is put away. A friend rolls her eyes. I don’t know what to think of you taking two months to unpack. She rolls her eyes with kind exasperation. She later reports that, unlike others, my bullshit is at least consistent. I take comfort in any constancy. It’s nice to be true to yourself. Why […]

Sales Rush Out

Was Black Friday always like this? I can’t answer my friend’s question. I remember the masses of sales flyers, my mother sitting in her fireside chair, the mass of them rustling like newsprint chickens as she folded and marked and put piles to build her route. My mother rose before ten on a day off […]

Ikea Assembles

Simple pleasure comes from simple acceptance, simple recognition, simple presence. Unfolding the plain white instructions, noticing the booklet isn’t stapled and the pages slide over carpet better than graphite dust on marble countertops. Nose to paper draws out repro fluid black chemical smell, like the purple mimeograph worksheets from elementary school. Each screw turns in […]

Hold Your Breath and Breathe

Thanksgiving was almost rough. The surprise was a sharp tug that fell short of pulling it out from under me, and turning around I saw no one. That a holiday might be difficult on my own for the first time in about fifteen years had never occurred to me until that early Thursday morning. I […]

Blue Morning Fine

Only last Sunday was I able to describe it, the tenuous but very real sense of light energy, a quiet and friendly electricity lighting up shadows and outlining edges. A friend was describing her son approaching driving age and I remembered: expectation, playing cool, the kind of joy you can’t let on for knowing it […]

Quiet Night

I heard the engine first, ignoring it for the streetsweeper truck, but the pneumatic snap of brakes made the cat perk up. Lights penetrated the curtain and the engines idled in their diesel strangle. Ignoring it was easy, until I couldn’t, and then I looked. Aside from the truck and two cop cars, nothing to […]

Wednesday Night All Right

I have a ticket to a school night show. No one can go with me, so I can be selfish. Dana Gould is new to me, but after learning of him at another show and seeing some YouTube video, alternative standup is something I want more of. I save five dollars through the website, leave […]