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Cat Cancerface

The thing on her face appeared suddenly. She went on her typical evening snoop around the garage, poking in the same boxes and sitting on the same car she always sit on, but came back in with a bump on the ridge of her nose, near the left eye. I thought she’d run into something […]

Anonymous Voice

Everybody needs someone to talk to. I still have the Cookie Monster puppet that was a confidant during my kindergarten years, or at least I think it was. My mother insists I had many imaginary friends I consulted and conspired with, none of which I remember. I don’t question Cookie Monster and the other invisible […]

Kindness of Strangers

The Thinkpad x40 I bought two years ago as a way to write on the bus hasn’t done much bus writing: too unsteady, not enough room for it to sit on my lap. It sat humming in Oscar’s attic, where I checked email and wrote notes and plunked out counseling homework. It was an idea […]

The Big Snow

The media hype machine has been stirring its pot for a week on this one. Feet of snow, blowing drifts, biggest dump sine the airport was built. Meteorologists, the ones that know science is probability, cautioned the limits of their art. Caution doesn’t sell what’s left of newspapers. Snowmaggeddon is coming, they insisted. The city […]

Bright Ride

The sun was so strong I went outside to look at it and sneezed three times. The warmth was uncanny, the sky high and cloudless like summer. When the sun comes out in Seattle January, you take advantage. The bike came from the divorce. It was hers but she never rode it, its only activity […]

White Morning

There is no wonder greater than dawn breaking snow. Old people and sun worshipers grumble about it, their foul feelings a mix of fear and self-denial, I think. My inner child has no problem taking a full-speed run into snow’s delight. So many textures, odors, weights, consistencies, depths of color. It can be made into […]


Recycling is old hat. Long a moral point, or a sign of my well-learned training to be cheap, I feel a slight uplift when there is a bin for me to put something in that promises it will be transformed and reborn as a new, functional thing. It’s ironic that fundamentalist Christians are cool toward […]

Offhand Remark

The next level of improv classes began Tuesday. Faces known and unknown are there, talking a little too fast, a little too sharply. There are moments of eyes hunting, mental wheels turning as limits are sought, and then the jokes get easier and faster. Even the dull people are sharp here. Class is snap fast: […]

Advice [explicit language]

They want to look rough, but look more worn and beaten as they slouch at the back of the bus. The clothes hang on them like flour sacks, black ballcaps slightly askew in the x, y, z. The older one has a toothpick. The younger one complains about women. The older one tongues the toothpick […]

Light’s End

Lights have been the holiday prize for me, from age five to now. I remember the oldest light sets we had as a kid and which continued through college: the wires wrapped in smooth, tightly woven fiber, each as thick as a fettuccine noodle, a red and green one dangling unjoined between thick Bakerlite sockets […]