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Wish for the New Year

For you all in this new year I wish the following: Needed gifts, on-time delivery, clear voices, thoughts to match the ages, one clear true impression of yourself as a young wo/man, that impression filtered through all the wisdom of the ages you wished you knew, that impression free even of all other impressions and […]

Break Through Breakthrough

Our collective psyche is split on therapy. In theory, we accept it. We know it’s good for others, and we expect them to use it, like we expect everyone else to use public transportation. Pop psychology lingo has been with us for some time, making us all faux clinicians. He’s a little bipolar, don’t you […]

Post About Nothing

Sunday mornings are now a full on six-mile urban march. Staid square homes from previous centuries give way to a long stair tunnel, down under the freeway and then back up. We get down to Lake Union at a little park where the houseboats line one side and a barge the other, with a view […]

Cab Ride

There should be a picture here: the aging yellow Crown Vic’s dashboard floating beyond pillow grey vinyl seats; the bolt-on jet-fighter cockpit center dash, all its lights flashing green and red out of an Eighties anime epic, streetlights smeared by rain. I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry. Thursday I am downtown late after a show. My […]


Trying to do anything while on hold is an exercise in supreme cognitive dissonance. Writing on what I meant to write blurs into the tight frequency response of hold music, the incessant ad blather of an overamped woman pushing free shipping and big discounts on your order. Stay on the line. Your call is important […]

Alki Walks

Saturday doesn’t start because Friday night went on way too long, leaving me stuck to the bed even though sleep is long over. The vain hope that lying still will purge the extra gravity, leak out the needles inside my head, wipe clean the silky froth dripping down my eyes and down my throat is […]

The World’s Best Soda in the World

Small joys are important. No larger than would fit inside a child’s hand, you can have several without being overwhelmed by delight or guilt. They wash you like air conditioning’s cool breath: feel lighter, say oh. November brings the Christmas onslaught, including aisles and aisles of candy: marshmallow and solid chocolate Santas, minty squares in foils, chocolate […]