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Saturday Water

You would never know now the sun was out. A weather pattern more like Nov/Dec, the forecast discussion reads. We have the reverse of the country’s eastern half where Maine is in the eighties. This past weekend we had a taste, almost two full days of it. Walking on Alki I realize that morning I […]

Week Before

Early waking Sunday does not lead to a repeat of my triumph a few weeks ago. Old gravity, the halfhearted claws on blackboard unheard sound of past inadequacies echoes and I fall in the tunnel. It’s not really about anything, which is the strangest thing. The closest thing to a real thought is an insistence […]

Lower Grey Wolf River

Snow or rain or illness or injury or daylight savings time do not interscede and at last my friend and I make the hike we have been meaning to make. The dog comes because that is what dogs are for. We start early in half-cloud that suggests sun but is not yet sun. The forecast […]

Snow Ago

A week ago it snowed. Fat flakes as big as goose feathers drifted by with urgency, determined to get down to earth, where they melted. A friend and I were to have gone on a hike today but she is that much-beloved Northwest stereotype: the first snowflake freakout.It’s not going to stick,I said, or something […]

The Change

What does it mean that I never hear from Monkey any more? I don’t miss him, and to realize this a refreshment like the first cool night at the end of a hot summer. He is an absence like a footprint on the beach, filled in and smoothed by waves. I am not driven to […]

Pills IV

Refilling prescriptions is an infrequent and typically welcome chore, since Walgreens typically has cheap candy. It’s easy to justify some W brand peanut butter cups when my ten dollar prescriptions will come with a cheerful slip explaining my insurance saved me over three hundred. This time, faced with a choice between picking them up and […]

Ramdom Friday Night

Seattle, just before spring, on a Friday night.