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Not sure if this published properly, so reposting. Thanks.

Pau hana, new hana

Fifth grade was when I first started watching late night comedy. Coinciding with my endless repetition of Bill Cosby albums on my Montgomery Wards four-in-one hi-fi stereo, I would inhale the first musky hint of adulthood each Friday as I was allowed to push the clock as late as I could manage. My mother, who never went to bed until the creatures of the night paused for their lunch, would stay up far later than Carson, deep into the uncharted late-night when the truly weird shows came on. SCTV, with John Candy, Martin Short, and the two guys who were Bob and Dave MacKenzie (“hello, eh!”); ABC’s Saturday Night Live rip-off Fridays; and, to my equal parts fascination and distress, a half-hour show that was mostly Howie Mandell. Each of these had their merits and were flipped between on our massive Zenith TV, the tumbler landing with a clack

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