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Saturday Water

Setting the West

Setting the West

You would never know now the sun was out. A weather pattern more like Nov/Dec, the forecast discussion reads. We have the reverse of the country’s eastern half where Maine is in the eighties. This past weekend we had a taste, almost two full days of it.

Walking on Alki I realize that morning I was walking in snow, breath puffing, dressed like an Arctic explorer out on an autumn stroll. Now I walk on a long boulevard out of California, kids in strollers and older ones on rollerblades whizzing by at Seattle reasonable speed. The sun has been out and it’s not quite warm, but not quite cold either. The sun is bright and on some women legs are out. They are hardier than most.

I take this picture as the sun sets. When I was a kid this view was epic, in a way insurmountable to understanding: everything was so large, so impossible. Even in high school the world was impossibly vast in the way it must have been in the Middle Ages: everything days away, woods full of monsters, the sky God’s house. Even in high school standing in an open starry field at night could be frightening.

Infinity isn’t ever understood, I don’t think, only accepted. Everything is recombinant, transient, illuminated. Everything we need is always around us to be seen, if we can see it for what it is, or what it needs to be.


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