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Zoogz Departed [explicit language]

Whether I had idols and heroes as a kid is hard to say. Finding flaws and faults was easy even at a young age: that everyone has lacks was apparent. I remember a high school English assignment where I was to write about three people I idolized. I remember staring at the paper wondering if […]

Huck Finn Fence

Homeownership is presented as a schizophrenic dream, and I remain surprised that grown people do not speak of the irony. It is physical proof of one’s judicious work and sensibility, of delayed gratification, of attainment of the right kind of class. Purchase of even the most modest home is an almost transcendental act that makes […]

The Ten

Ten years ago was when the illness descended. Ten years is a long time to realize was ten years ago. My birthday had been a few weeks ago or so; I don’t remember exactly, but still April. I think I had felt sick around then, but a normal sort of sick: some stomach junk, sinuses, […]

Sheets to the Wind

In the strictest sense I don’t need new sheets. One set is fine, washed weekly and replaced, but I have the thought and I act on it. Leap and the net will appear, a friend advises. She means flying off to Cambodia and starting companies, but seventeen bucks for sheets is my level. Sheets were […]

Spring Advances

Easter Sunday brings full sun and a full-bodied warmth long out of mind but not forgotten: a solid liquor of warmth wholly unlike central heat or the warm side of a fire. This is the heat that makes apples and hurricanes, pushes off the brimming momentum of everything green. Dandelions have been braving the murky […]


She reached out to me. I was still in Hawaii climbing up mountainsides and listening to lawnmowers and the neighbors shouting at night, not quite relaxed but allowing myself the rental car. I had my profile up but didn’t know why. Was I preparing for an interesting landing when I got home? Part of it […]

Regence Continues to Care

Ruth Leonard, RPH, the Clinical Pharmacy Manager for Regence, cares about you. This is what I gather from the clinical and vaguely stern letter that comes with warnings of summer depersonalization. Physical and mental changes happen in these seasons, she warns, or advises–I can’t tell. It’s a hilarious letter. The same litany of troubled mental […]