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Birthday Morning

Birthday inbox

Birthday inbox

Waking up on your birthday is now a sort of mediated Christmas Morning: social media funnels wellwishes to you. I get three automated birthday wishes from websites I don’t remember, including one from an automotive chat board that reminds me my birthday is a great time to spend a lot of money. With that suggestion I only now realize, at 42, why restaurants had eat-free-on-your-birthday days: because everybody else would go with you and pay. Wonder why restaurants don’t do that any more.

People from high school, from college, the gorgeous elegant woman I met in Hawaii. Maybe slightly more women than men. Has high school been righted? I suppose, if you’re keeping score, which everyone’s subconscious does a little.  Delinda says it’s been a long time since seventh grade. Yes, it has. Nothing you can touch, but still, here we are.

Facebook reminds you but that’s no different from keeping little black books and the New Year’s Day ritual of going through the new one and transferring everybody’s birthday. We don’t expect exploding cakes or crazed yelling at this age. Acknowledgement means a lot.


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