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Minimum Wage

Since the third grade I’d been scouring roadsides for aluminum cans, turning my nose up at the steel Pepsi cans, hauling in syrupy garbage bags to a guy with a semi-trailer paying a quarter a pound. In middle school a neighbor two houses up paid me a hundred bucks a month to mow his lawn, […]

To the Spam Robots

Dear Robots, Thanks for your early and continued interest in my blog. It must be some proxy for its tiny success that I hear from so many of you, and so often. I take it as a compliment. Thank you. And how many of you there are!’s spam filter claims to have personally responded […]


They grey morning bus ride is like most have been over the past months: starting later than they should, getting me to work later than I should. No one says anything at work; certainly no one says anything on the bus. The biggest difference is my fellow waiters change from pass-showing business casual to artist […]


At home to wait for other business, the email is a surprise. Your check is ready so let us know when you will be by to accept it. The run-on sentence is par once I realize it’s from an escrow company–in my experience, a full-employment act for C- students. Google marks the email arriving 0 minutes ago, […]

Why I Did Not Go There

Today I suffered the minor insult of oral surgery. We were never told thirty years ago that the braces we suffered long middle school summers with would later cause our gums to recede, but I doubt that would have influenced our choices then. Thirty years later in the now I am in a leatherette dental […]

Second Showcase

My fourth improv class wraps up last Tuesday. Drifted into after the sublime release of the Improv 200 performance, the 300-level class has brought the kind of growth that feels uncomfortable and aborted while it is happening, but becomes apparent when the skills are put on display. The work seemed easier, inertia having crossed over […]

Georgetown Carnival

The carnival surprised, but did not enwonder. It did not float out of the night, puff itself into tents, and waft eternal music over empty cornfields that filled the sky with electricity. Ray Bradbury could do that, but they worked at it here, in the light of day with old town grit and costumes. The […]