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Beach without Limits

In another life, I went to the beach. Standing in the bright wind of the Texas coast, the quiet one said: It is infinite. I heard him over the roar and understood. A couple days ago I went to the beach I found when I first moved here. In 1997 the road down the hillside […]

One Other Thing

Car repairs have been on my list since that last day at work, and Friday is the day I at last submit to the task. Changing the oil should be easy but becomes an hourlong odyssey back and forth to the cheap Chinese tool store down the street. Free oil changes have cost ten bucks […]

Open Up

I have done nothing but sit at a beach, mind empty but for the wind and sound of distant children. Nothing else is needed, which takes time to learn.

Consumerism 2 – One Slick Kayak for “Slim” Jim, or Kevin to His Friends

I bought the shoes for this: to run a 5K, wearing a suit jacket and tie, carrying a kayak, which carries a memorial urn. I am paid to do this. This is not a joke. The job notice comes through my improv theatre, which doesn’t stop me questioning its legitimacy. It is confirmed the theatre […]

Consumerism 1 – Dread Shoes

I pick up a quick job I don’t need, as much for curiosity as money: an email from my improv school announces 5K runners are needed for a promotional stunt. After paying a large Mastercard bill (loaded with periodontal surgery, cat surgery, and a month’s rent and plane fare to New York), my subconscious could […]

Only to See

Half a world away, fires burn. Here on the other side, we get haze and sunsets. Water laps at the steps, but that is not a world to walk into. The water is cold and startles when it splashes. In that instant there isn’t thought or past, only purest waking now.

Last Day for the Man’s Tool

While work has been over for nearly two weeks, its laptop is still with me. Supplied by the contracting agency, it belongs with them. While this has the unfortunate consequence of leaving me without a laptop, it’s right that things return to the point of origin. Full circle has a satisfaction. The return means I […]