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Last Day

It’s my last full day here and I get up late. I was awake before eight but stayed in bed, free of the previous week’s leaden exhaustion but just tired. There are things I should be seeing and doing but I don’t know what they are. I am thinking about laundry and packing and I […]

View from the Top

It’s not lonely at the top. People crowd everywhere and are somehow more pressing and incessant for not speaking English, the attendants in their grey sportcoats and red ties pointing and repeating themselves with exhausted detachment. All the bustle outside is concentrated in small spaces I don’t think were ever intended for such a crush. […]

You Are All Right

Not quite shouted from the rooftops, but close enough it can’t be missed. Ignore the implications of the living feedback system and take the deeper message: you are not powerless. There is something you can do.

New York Trash

The nice Jewish lady riding the train to her midtown Park Avenue neighborhood says the city is clean and green. Greener than just about anywhere with the subway and all, because you just get out and walk and take the subway, right? It’s not like the 1980s when the city was a wreck of grey […]

Pictures of Clouds and Buildings

Complaints about nature’s banishment from the city are unfounded. Nature is the substance our thin wisps are built on.


Since I’ve been hearing the TV say “fresh from the freezer” for twenty years or so, this isn’t as funny as it could be. Perhaps the hippies were wrong and they should have skipped going back to the land. Now that land is too expensive to go back to the freezer is an achievable goal.


On Wednesday I get inside. Thunderstorms have helped Wednesday keep the crowds away, washing and blowing them into the East River and leaving a settling sky and rain that’s more than sprinkles. Streets jammed with people are now easily passable and free of strollers. Lower Manhattan has the feel of a plains downtown cleared out […]