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Good Call

Looking for work is not demoralizing, not this time around. It’s necessary, fuel for the fire, padding, a way to work out how I feel right now on someone else’s dime. Vets are expensive even when they can’t do anything. I would have spent more. Now I just have two holes but figure I can […]

Alki +2 Weeks

I am good. I have a long list and I work through it one item at a time, crossing them off. Difficult as well as easy ones, annoying and pointless wastes of my time along with things that I am convinced are significant. Down they go. I started making lists in elementary school and find […]


I know about the Guggenheim museum only because it is a featured stop in our CityPass ticketbooks. Walking down 86th toward Central Park, then turning the corner and walking up to 89th, I see its swirling ridges and register some random facts picked up from long-ago public TV. The typical story: born into a wealthy […]

Hudson River Monday

August 6th is a Monday and breaks hot with a fine grit, far finer than sand, finer than powdered sugar. It can’t be seen but I feel it walking through the thick heat, but not deep heat. Deep heat is farther south and west, the kind that permeates reality itself. This heat bears down but […]


New York City in August was hot at the beginning and the end; rain broke the middle and I was grateful. During the hot start I couldn’t understand why the little window air conditioner chugged along so hard and seemed to make so little difference. The last hot week I knew what to expect. The […]

Mount Sauk

After a month in New York, I promised myself I would avail myself of everything I could, whenever I could. The month has not cooperated. I am beside myself, calm, deranged, fine, forward-looking excited, and stuck, but I haven’t forgotten. Now there is nothing more to be done. The sun has been shining down, shining […]

Heavy Little Bag

I am in a park reading when the call comes. I’d forgotten to expect it but once the name shows I know what it is. They’re back. We’re open until seven. I read for a while longer, 30-something moms chasing their toddlers across the green green grass. When they pass within a hundred feet of […]