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First Sighting

Stacked against a Walgreen’s window in Capitol Hill, the annual hyped debris is set up, ready for consumption. There is so much of it every year: a wonder in high school, an annual affront now. Who buys all these tree stands new every year? Don’t people keep them in the attic or in a box […]

“The Day After”

YouTube is a suggestive whiz. Not in the dirty way your subconscious is thinking, but in terms of linking related things from a greater-than-personal past. A link between Space: 1999 and the assortment of nuclear destruction movies and TV a decade later seems reasonable enough–Moon blown out of orbit by nuclear explosions vis a vis the world flattened […]

Space: 1999

Little boys need action. Advertisers must know they push cereal only to boys: girls are attracted to sparkle and color, but to gushing explosions of it? As a kid, Trix the Rabbit and all manner of bouncing, cherubic creatures blew out iridescent paroxysms of noise and motion as they said the product name over and […]

Peak Oil Forever

This post has floundered in my drafts for some time, for many reasons. It’s a Big Post, meant as an essay and not an experience-based stream of consciousness. Even so I haven’t done much homework. The title shines out from the list of drafts and I write a few more notes and do something else. […]

I Realize, and Sun

No small sun peeks out Tuesday. The fullbore deal is here kicking clouds and shouting their silent names. If it was possible to hear, the sun’s roar would be so loud you’d go deaf! I remember an elementary school textbook shouting this incredible, nonsensical fact. Light makes everything different. Saturday was a great day, floating, ebullient, like […]

Ends Tie Themselves

Wednesday, when I see my therapist, the sun is out, spreading a gleaming, rock-candy light over the green hills. We talk about my cat among other things, to be recounted shortly. In this to-come recounting she observes, in that forceful unarguable way that is never your mother, that I know cats, have always had cats, […]

Last Sun Day

Thursday is the sun’s last appearance, the forecast warns. Winds will blow and enough rain will come to erase the sizable deficit of the driest known summer. There’s a sense of the final countdown: these are the last hours of sun. Get them while you can. Fall light cuts through the smoky marine murk lingering […]