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Fall Day 2

Mundane color

Mundane color

Fall came today. Astronomically it came over a week ago, but this morning was the first not spilling over with summer’s forgetting light. A measured wind blows, casual and unexcited, and the temperature is ten degrees lower than yesterday. Clouds were not called for but have made an appearance as strangers after a long diamond summer.

Some light

Some light

Clouds do not insist they are the masters here, pressing down a grey vault that allows no dissent. These are temporary, the atmosphere flirting with the orbit. The sun will rise and they will evaporate and the sky will return to its high blue that echoes with the knowledge that space is just the other side.

Fallen, but not far

Fallen, but not far

Fall is a favorite season. I hear other repeat this with a relief–it’s good the kids are back in school, there are places to go, the clock is again supreme. For me the timelessness shifts away from summer’s infinite tumescence to a sense of acceleration as light contracts. There isn’t a rush, just less every day. Something primal wants us to prepare, the same thing that wants festivals of light and trees brought inside. Air thins with the light and we can move in that quick limber way again, the way the leaves do in the wind.


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