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Bare Mountain

Look at it as an opportunity. Rewrite is done, a successful job interview the day before ending with dinner with a friend in the bright, tacky Chinese restaurant I visited only once while living in his attic that infinite year-and-a-half ago. November has been here half a month, the election now as dreamy and unreal as […]

Little Si and the Ends

Four hours is too little sleep to depend on coherence. This won’t be long, though. Today is the day of rest but I wanted to share more. Because of the sun I decided to hike yesterday. Little Si is the first Washington trail I ever went on, back in 1997, that ancient dial-up era. It […]

Friday Walk Home

Friday was a summer-bright day, though even the brightness was a shadow: the sun is too low to have summer’s flattening weight. The density is off, but the brilliance greater. Maybe air is thinner in winter, or people are insulated from it cocooned in their layers. I got all the light I could. Alki has […]

Otter Falls

It’s not summer any more, but my goal has been met. I feel all right; Thursday I feel so good I can’t remember when I last felt such a light, gravity-less ease. Later there’s a break in the rain, sun-hints if not sunbreaks. Think about what a privilege you have, to go out and do […]

Hiatus Goal

I did it. Not like Stephen Colbert, who claims omniscience for effect, but for real, as real as writing is. My drafts folder was full of neglected posts, left for more important things, or overcome by events. Two weeks ago a friend set her own writing goals, and I also made one: finish those drafts […]