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Christmas Load Out

Like everything else, Christmas is different now. Holding on to childhood or youthful ideas about how it should be–what we should feel, or the sequence of events that should happen–is a trap. I fell into it for years, and it retains an alluring tug. Lights are everywhere, and cookies. If you don’t feel the magic, […]

Future Bridge

The yearlong future is here. The Argo bridge–which carries Airport Way from Georgetown, over a tangle of railroad tracks straightlining out of the Port and downtown, up to SoDo–has reopened. It has been closed thirteen months, dead in the middle of the twelve to fourteen the city predicted. I moved in for just enough use […]

Big Coal Power

On December 13, 2012, the US Corps of Engineers held a hearing. Originally anticipated to be the ignored public function made open for the usual appearances, the Corps moved it to the convention center downtown. A whole floor of downtown Seattle neon and Christmas light was thrown open to a small army of red-t-shirted environmental […]


Sometimes, the sun is out. No more often than you’d expect in December. But it’s a gift. All light is a gift. December is not like last December. A year ago was brand new, vibrant, scary, without precedent. This year is more measured, but feels more lost. Is it darkness after Texas sun? Pills? The […]

Texasland, Not Done

I spent ten days in Texas. I had spent almost all the days from summer 1978 to autumn 1994 there. Many were much, much hotter. Here is a list of places I did not go and things I did not do: My middle school, the great black mass of dark rectangles combined together in one […]


The calendar is thin now. It’s too high on the wall, too, providing not only monthly inconvenience but a sense of its superiority, or remove. The latter is better, I think. We are always ruled by the calendar, but the relationship changes with time. November is always a big month. Childhood Thanksgiving waited at the […]

New Signs

Signs are new here. Back from Thanksgiving with my parents in Texas, the ten intervening days have brought small but worthy changes. To my¬†eternal¬†childlike delight, the neighbor boys have gone overboard with Christmas decorations, and work on the closed Airport Way bridge proceeds toward opening this month. But I saw the signs on Friday, with […]