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Starting Now

Here is a picture of the weekend’s big goal: the first small step toward another one. The goal was to hand-write the briefest, tightest outline of a novel I last really worked on three years ago. Length: one handwritten page. I did just over three. Three years ago my typed outline was 84 pages. It’s […]

Last Soda for the First Weekend

Friday’s release has been the fulcrum for pop movies and beer commercials since consumerism’s birth. We are trained to relish it, maybe even make the week subconsciously a little worse to make Friday Miller Time a bigger catharsis. Friday is the best, biggest entrance to our free time, the candy bar first unwrapped, the beer […]

Fog Fear

Fog has coalesced out of night’s desert. Wednesday night was a good night: leaving the new job in the ever-slightly-earlier dusk, home at a decent time, a comfortable evening with the kitten, an omelet and a friend’s call.¬†Comfortable is strange to hold in the consciousness: still, but with inner wriggling. It’s gone Thursday morning, wiped […]

Sunday Before

Not as bright and cold as Saturday, Sunday is bright and cold enough. The sun slides up out of the south, peeking, fooling nobody. Come on out. We see you. The sky is the buffed blue of robin’s eggs and ocean glass, cold beautiful like a light that glows through windows. Those brilliant bell-clear days […]

Frozen Bright

The first hard freeze comes this week. Friday night settles in blank and hard, open to the sky. Sky like the desert mountaintops, open to the vacuum. I started a new job last week, the first full week this past. Out sick the first two days, fretting about what the job is, what am I […]

The Big Pickup

The lights are down, every decoration packed away. The last remnants of The Holidays 2012 are dumped on discount tables at Fred Meyer entrances or leaking out of trash cans. The elves pick up after themselves with speed. Not so long ago the holidays ending sent me into a deep depression. In high school and […]


2012 has passed away. Where do years go? Time remains a mystery, physicists talking around what it is. Night falls on New Year’s Eve and time changes. Trains and clocks still work, but everything is different, not shadowed but enlightened. Halos we can’t see stick to everything, penetrating us. If we are lucky, we have […]