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February Night

The hard day ends in luminous night. Clouds gave way to sun midafternoon, pinks and blues thin reflections in the office towers. The sky deepens to indigo straight from space. It has been a bad day where nothing bad happened, not really, but it was hard just the same. Work stretched long and the wait […]


Friends, I have neither wisdom nor a stunning report. That’s how weeks go working for the Man. Honest. No news is good news. Manageable frustration at work, no more than a jigsaw puzzle or junior year trigonometry: clearly this works out, but how? I should ride the bus more. I will. We all need more […]

More Hiatus

I am too tired to post. And I said I was stopping months ago. Here, then, are some pictures and words. Routine has come, bless it. Crushing fear and anxiety has been replaced with a sense of rush: alarm, up, write a little, the bus, typing typing typing, and then home. Since the new year […]

Keep Keep Moving

Madness has a song by this name. I first heard it from a cassette loaned me by my first cubemate. 1991. Ties were required, stories told of being sent home without pay for trying to get by with just a sweater. I had nothing to do. I worked hard at it, reading Stereo Review¬†and rewriting […]