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More Hiatus



I am too tired to post. And I said I was stopping months ago. Here, then, are some pictures and words.

Gate obscured

Gate obscured

Routine has come, bless it. Crushing fear and anxiety has been replaced with a sense of rush: alarm, up, write a little, the bus, typing typing typing, and then home. Since the new year the days have lengthened and I am glad for the light.

Night light

Night light

Writing is going. It hurts my shoulder with work’s typing, but I do a little every day. It’s not a race, but it won’t do itself. It feels easy and exciting, like writing in college was. I am not believing in mistakes. I am letting it happen, so it is happening. Things make themselves.




One comment on “More Hiatus

  1. A little a day is often the best way to go! No stressing about the need for long binges; slow and steady and all that. (>^-‘)>

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