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The Days Proceed

The blog hiatus I declared in November is more apparent now. That book isn’t going to write itself, not with a day job. But I feel I should write here. It feels easier and established. We go where we’ve always gone, sometimes. Last Saturday I take the Bainbridge ferry. On the other end is a […]

The Progress

Last night I swam for the first time in months. The renovations that closed the pool since Thanksgiving are complete. The dark hole with rusted pumps and moldy ceilings is half-fixed–it’s not a rich suburb, and they did only the most urgent work–but is bright and clean. The old 1973 mural and the drippy paint […]

Pause, Then Ultimate

The week’s tunnel stretches out before me and electricity shoots from my hair. I am not doing enough but catching up is too much. So I stop. I feel so much better. Monday I decide to take a week off writing, or at least make it light. So far more off than light, with little […]

Wave Out

A week ago today follows Sunday’s typical bell-curved mood: up for the first half, then sagging as the day winds down. I have too many significant conversations. Encouragement about money ends up undermining confidence. I am up too late on the phone. Persuading each other tomorrow will be fine doesn’t work when you close off […]