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The Heart of It

My building at work features small rooms meant to provide meeting space without the rigmarole of scheduling. The intention is for impromptu groups to move out of hallways, where they block traffic and annoy others, and slide the door closed. A whole wall is a whiteboard; some have tables and chairs, others noveau-Seventies couches. The […]


Numbers rule the modern world. How many imported BBC documentaries, their tone at once serious and easy, laid bare this dolorous truth, a truth destined to reduce beauty to facts. Here in the computer, some white-haired and snaggle-toothed owl intoned, is our digitized future: quantified, discrete, reduced.  Maybe. James Burke ends his great Eighties series The Day The Universe […]

First Kitten Spring

Roger is my kitten. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2012 I walked with my parents in the empty lot behind their house, reviewing the disarray of sun-baked brush piles, firewood, and discarded fenceposts. Weeds rustle and a shape moves, the underbrush colors fooling the eye. Out in the stony open, the shape becomes a little form […]

The Man Who Pushed No Pills

Here is the truth: I took meds. Not much of an admission these days. Shrimp wander unafraid into the light and are getting eaten for all the Prozac in the water. Vitamin Z is a popular choice. I’ve written about this before–look back in the archives for the pictures of the artfully off-center pill bottles […]

Dance Beach Dance

A friend’s last-minute invite to a beach dance party is the gift I need. Summer has made a special preview visit, confusing everyone with warm air but clammy sand a few inches down. She will make a dance floor for freeform ruckus. Tiki torches will hold in the edges. I have been hiking all day […]


The sun is out, its fullbore discharge laying the land as flat and glassy as if under summer’s hand. People are energized, unable to believe but believing. The city is in an opposite of panic, an ecstasy that still brushes its teeth. Wow, look at it, people say, and they stop and hold out hands to feel […]