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Tough Mornings

I went stand-up paddleboarding for the first time. Like all good games, it was just hard enough: lugging the flat fiberglass whale into the water without scratching it (too much), the scuttling leap to a rigid crouch on its gritty surface, the timorous standing upright. Bend your knees, just flow.┬áIn remarkably short time I was […]

A Better Post

I automatically titled this post “What I Should Have Posted”, but I heard my friend’s voice. Acting says: commit. I did. Proof is here. Every week I make a little postit like this. Previous weeks included small achievable goals, but I hear that without help now. A month ago I committed to keeping the job […]

Last Sunday in Spring

Today is the last Sunday in spring 2013. Next week will be summer. Most of the country is already submerged in its gibbous heat, the air all volume and weight that pull out kid time to million year stretches. In the Pacific Northwest spring is still uncommitted: a week of bell-clear eighties and then a […]

Work Monday Cookies

Mondays can be iffy. Sunday’s podrome dates back to earliest elementary school, but not leftover fears of forgotten book reports, the looming teacher, the red pen. It’s even simpler: the growing dusk, parents calling to come in, running out of time to play. I can remember sitting inside at the kitchen table, a pool of […]

Faces in the Sky Mind

Last Friday ends a bumpy week. Memorial Day is an indistinct holiday, obscured in childhood by school’s release, a blur having to do with big sales and taking the boat out. Seattle’s Memorial Day 2013 is grey and cold with a steady rain, well-matched to the desperate, grasping mood hanging on from Sunday. I don’t […]

Country Store, Pass By

Renton Western Wear has closed. I lived in Renton, the next city down from Seattle, from 2004 to 2010. It’s greatest claim to fame is the Boeing 737 plant at the north end of town, the place where every 737 has come from. Established from farms as a pleasant hamlet of little wood homes, Renton […]