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Unicorn on the Beach

The beach struggles to keep its hold on summer. I like to think this, though it may be happy to push summer away for the majority months of quiet drizzle and ample parking. Either way, today is one of the last days of a summer that started a month early. Balance requires it to leave […]

Cucumber of Moment

What’s that? My breakfast. Toast and…. A cucumber. A cucumber? Yes. [A pause.] Is that your normal breakfast? Well, no. But the day I took this picture it was. Are you concerned about fiber? Animals beaten in tiny cages? Yes. But I ate the cucumber for different reasons. And by ‘ate’ you mean just ate […]

So Long to the Kid

Improv was an impossible thing. Seeing it on late night TV–my middle school brain rattled by a confluence of bullying, the incessant College Is Coming drumbeat, and the starry Texas sky–was a new dimension to what humans were capable of. I was captivated, entranced. Monty Python could challenge my bladder control, but those guys wrote […]