Unicorn on the Beach



The beach struggles to keep its hold on summer. I like to think this, though it may be happy to push summer away for the majority months of quiet drizzle and ample parking. Either way, today is one of the last days of a summer that started a month early. Balance requires it to leave a month early too, in a storm of wind and big rain.

Kids are indomitably hopeful. They clap their hands for Tinkerbell in all sincerity, are wowed by mediocre magic they are told is a trick. Innocence is not belief but being, and that is why their hope is so strong. This is what I think when I see this chalk drawing, done by a talented kid or one that had some adult help–the right kind of adult that can remember innocence without fear of being labeled a sucker. The unicorn is brighter than the swirling Sun, but the Sun is larger. There goes the Sun may be more accurate than here comes the Sun, but kids live in the moment. Right now, the Sun is coming.

Let us welcome, then, without fear or regret or expectation, the gift of the September Sun.


2 comments on “Unicorn on the Beach

  1. Though summer beaches are fun September beaches hold their own magic, nicely posted D.

  2. I like “innocence is not belief but being.” I’m black and I’m proud.

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