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Signs of Fall

Fall has come, this year a mess: sunny days, then drenching rain, then grey days of hugging clouds and fog. The season is confused. Got an early summer, grouse mossback locals. Serves us right we get an early fall.  Not having a television cues me in to the signs and moods Thoreau would have known, or old paleolithic […]

Hello Molly

When the universe says yes, you must yes back. Little Blue, faithful companion, has long been growing long in the tooth. The top end ticking had faded, the steering leak was minor, the other slings and arrows it had endured cosmetic and minor, but Little Blue is a iron machine. I had dreams of entropy […]

Goodbye, Little Blue

It can’t last forever. The thought has been wafting in and out of consciousness for a year or two, my feelings ranging from engaged enthusiasm to betrayal’s cold tang. I haven’t looked at new cars pining for the status they convey, or a more practical lack of trouble. Any status I cling after is not conferred […]