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The Tower Through

Sunday night phone call, around 8 p.m. Maybe 1985: Helll-lo! Izzis…uh…ah…ah…hey, izzis dah number with dat guy? Guy whos gots all dah answers? I hear yoose gots a guy.¬† Luigi! Yeah, we gots him! He’s back from his West-chest-ah whirlwind kneecap-crack-a-thon! What’s yoose wants mees toos asks hims? (High school kid laughter.) Hey, Matt. Yo, […]

Cards In and Out

The poor Post Office is falling to pieces, yet another thing the interwebs has consumed. As a kid I might have cheered the Post Office’s demise, given how my town’s was populated by tattlers who reported on what people sent and received (my friend was grilled by his mom for sending out for and receiving […]

Good Box

Christmas has outgrown even our outsized childhood ideas of plenty. It has become the fulcrum of more: lights, things, extravaganzas, debt. Armies of the poor invisible to us toil to make the stuff we are expected to give ourselves to show love, which in consumerist coin is more like fealty. You’re a bad parent if […]

Monday Anxiety

Fair warning: this is introspection, or whining, or growth. Let me know which. — Monday mornings have been fine. Many have ¬†been great, which is a strange feeling. Soft dark keeps the streetlight out, secret time before the alarm takes notice. The cat curls by my face, the only time he’s interested in cuddling. I […]