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He Shuffles His Feet

Fort Worth is a Plains town, its placement in Texas notwithstanding. Like a Plains town, the center is laid out in classic rectangles, which the twentieth century sometimes extended but mostly abandoned to the suburban pattern’s curving drives or weaving cul-de-sacs. It has the feel of all American cities that grew up after the car […]

Winter of Old

Winter of old returned. For a while at least, and for The America that has forgotten. The ninny media performed its usual work, everyone able to stand out in the cold and take pictures and put them on every screen. The species of logo-wearing meteorologist that hunches against hurricane-driven surf was upstaged. I was grateful. […]


A year ago I wrote here to summarize what had happened that year. I realize now I wrote it for myself, and realize all my writing is like that: for me, and for you as me. I hope I don’t presume to know you too well. In graduate school, I have the vaguest memory of […]