Who and why

“Pau hana” is a Hawai’ian phrase that means “the end of work”. I spent summer 2011 there giving up things, looking for new things to take up. I meant to question the tools I had carried in my hands so long, but it is hard to know exactly what you do and why.

This blog is not so much about Hawaii and what I did there. I was knocked down and spat out by the ocean, buffeted by winds in the dark, up high with half the air: it wasn’t a vacation. There are pictures of Hawaii the place and Hawaii the idea, but upon reflection I wonder what it is they really show. What do you see?

Hawaii was somewhere I’d always wanted to go, and I had no reason not to, so I went. I had no agenda and no goal. That was new for me. I figured I would find something, whatever it was. I am learning more and more what it was.

I am back in my Seattle home where the new work is ongoing. I am adjusting to being myself, with myself. I am learning it will be all right.

Start from the beginning.


4 comments on “Who and why

  1. I am so honored to witness your journey, my friend.

  2. Our beginnings sound similiar, good stuff.

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