Treasure Winter

I haven’t written since September. I had just started a new job back at the old place then. I was panicked by dental bills and a sense of summer ending: a beautiful summer, exhausting with class and naps to recover from class and another round of Flagyl and keeping the writing going. But the job kept at bay […]

Catch and Release

June 27th, 2014 was my last day on the job. I could have kept on, but a break so natural and effortless is something I am at last ready to receive. The newest manager in the ever-changing succession was surprised when I politely declined another year in the off-white hive, its promise of excitement and doing something important. We can […]


A year ago I wrote here to summarize what had happened that year. I realize now I wrote it for myself, and realize all my writing is like that: for me, and for you as me. I hope I don’t presume to know you too well. In graduate school, I have the vaguest memory of […]

So Long to the Kid

Improv was an impossible thing. Seeing it on late night TV–my middle school brain rattled by a confluence of bullying, the incessant College Is Coming drumbeat, and the starry Texas sky–was a new dimension to what humans were capable of. I was captivated, entranced. Monty Python could challenge my bladder control, but those guys wrote […]

The Big Pickup

The lights are down, every decoration packed away. The last remnants of The Holidays 2012 are dumped on discount tables at Fred Meyer entrances or leaking out of trash cans. The elves pick up after themselves with speed. Not so long ago the holidays ending sent me into a deep depression. In high school and […]


2012 has passed away. Where do years go? Time remains a mystery, physicists talking around what it is. Night falls on New Year’s Eve and time changes. Trains and clocks still work, but everything is different, not shadowed but enlightened. Halos we can’t see stick to everything, penetrating us. If we are lucky, we have […]

Christmas Load Out

Like everything else, Christmas is different now. Holding on to childhood or youthful ideas about how it should be–what we should feel, or the sequence of events that should happen–is a trap. I fell into it for years, and it retains an alluring tug. Lights are everywhere, and cookies. If you don’t feel the magic, […]