Some People I Knew

Some People I Knew

I am not sad now. Sad is too light a word, like using steam to build a bridge. What weight could such a bridge hold? But the world is bigger than our sense of it, and, depending on conditions, steam can hold a lot. Trapped inside a cylinder, it can pull a chain and lift that […]

Ralph’s: More Than Pretty Good

Bernie Sanders is in town. A week before, he filled Key Arena and thousands are left outside by the Seattle Center fountain to watch the stump speech on a portable Jumbotron. A week later he returns, this time to the five-times larger Safeco Field, where the line creeps down Fourth Avenue. I wait two hours. At the end, I watch a […]

Heatolator Ministrator

Gainful unemployment proceeds apace. Writing goes by every day, along with the goal to be more disciplined and get up earlier. Obamacare provides against calamity, and the dental woes that caused me to get the quickie job are fixed. Groceries are on the cheap at Grocery Outlet. I have made rice and beans twice. Being in the place I have dreamed and […]

Monkey Doesn’t Work Here Any More

[To have been published in March. Sorry for the delay.] You can never get enough of what you don’t really need. – Eric Hoffer, as quoted by Harold Ramis Only now, as so often happens with adulthood, do I get the unspoken messages implicit in viewing life as a journey. There is the going, of course, and […]

Goodbye, Little Blue

It can’t last forever. The thought has been wafting in and out of consciousness for a year or two, my feelings ranging from engaged enthusiasm to betrayal’s cold tang. I haven’t looked at new cars pining for the status they convey, or a more practical lack of trouble. Any status I cling after is not conferred […]

Country Store, Pass By

Renton Western Wear has closed. I lived in Renton, the next city down from Seattle, from 2004 to 2010. It’s greatest claim to fame is the Boeing 737 plant at the north end of town, the place where every 737 has come from. Established from farms as a pleasant hamlet of little wood homes, Renton […]


2012 has passed away. Where do years go? Time remains a mystery, physicists talking around what it is. Night falls on New Year’s Eve and time changes. Trains and clocks still work, but everything is different, not shadowed but enlightened. Halos we can’t see stick to everything, penetrating us. If we are lucky, we have […]