Handy Tips

One Last Thing

Two hours left and I unclog the kitchen sink. It’s been slow my entire stay and that I get to it now with only a few hours left in the apartment must say something. Hopefully that I’ve been out too much to be bothered with a slow sink. Satisfaction is the same. Thinking it through, […]

Sign of the Times

What does it mean that Wall Street thinks a dollar store is such a good deal? dollartreeinfo.com

Fine dining

I think the least about food. I enjoy good eating, though not so much ‘dining’, which seems a strained and overwrought experience. My standards for good eating are modest, things like a hot sandwich or an omelet–nothing elaborate, though when done well are satisfying and sustaining. Food has always been a means to an end […]


Mail brings the pills I ran out of. They aren’t critical: I won’t bleed from my palms without them. Two more months and I’m done. But given the past decade having them is assuring. They are the physical proof of action taken. Pills imply a path to wellness. The first month’s pills I brought along. […]

First Hitch

I hitchhiked for the first time today. Many times I’ve picked up others. It’s not taking pity so much as empathizing: boy, hot out there. Boy, sucks to be that cold. I don’t pick up every one but have picked up an ancient grizzled elder type, two white trash kids–a talkative aspiring Shivite (sic) girl […]


Go nowhere else for car rentals. Trust me.