The Severe Clear of Now

Yesterday was like today, was like the day the year before, and before. We don’t notice going from 43 to 44 any more than from 23 to 24. Maybe you can see a change with five years, or maybe not. I hope you can at ten. Seattle has been beautiful, and warm. Free of summer’s weight, the […]

Words I Would Rather Never, Ever Hear Again

THE LIST OF WORDS: entrepreneur innovation (and innovate) branding learnings gift (and the equally odious “gifting”) ping The Market onboarding resource, when used to mean “a person.” “We need a new accounting resource.” resourceing, or the process of acquiring resources. “We’re resourcing some new accountants.” organization, often shortened to “org” as a means for corporations […]

Unicorn on the Beach

The beach struggles to keep its hold on summer. I like to think this, though it may be happy to push summer away for the majority months of quiet drizzle and ample parking. Either way, today is one of the last days of a summer that started a month early. Balance requires it to leave […]

Faces in the Sky Mind

Last Friday ends a bumpy week. Memorial Day is an indistinct holiday, obscured in childhood by school’s release, a blur having to do with big sales and taking the boat out. Seattle’s Memorial Day 2013 is grey and cold with a steady rain, well-matched to the desperate, grasping mood hanging on from Sunday. I don’t […]


Numbers rule the modern world. How many imported BBC documentaries, their tone at once serious and easy, laid bare this dolorous truth, a truth destined to reduce beauty to facts. Here in the computer, some white-haired and snaggle-toothed owl intoned, is our digitized future: quantified, discrete, reduced.  Maybe. James Burke ends his great Eighties series The Day The Universe […]

Two Weeks’ Three Big Things

I turned 43 in April. Two weeks have passed since my birthday. There have been clouds and sun. In high school, I decided I was disenchanted with birthdays. I had no parties, did nothing in particular with friends. I don’t remember why. I’m grateful friends persisted, offering cards and happy birthday. Now I relish it. Being honest: […]

The Progress

Last night I swam for the first time in months. The renovations that closed the pool since Thanksgiving are complete. The dark hole with rusted pumps and moldy ceilings is half-fixed–it’s not a rich suburb, and they did only the most urgent work–but is bright and clean. The old 1973 mural and the drippy paint […]