Reality’s Shadow

All that we learn comes in from the outside. Innate behavior shouldn’t count as knowledge. We don’t know why we hunger, and we respond out of the body’s deepest wordless place. The flesh hungers and our sense only returns when it is sated, the fire leaving our eyes. Some–mystic types, mostly–insist we have learned in previous lives, or are given […]

Planets of Gold

1990 is in the past, but its artifacts remain. The first car that was wholly mine was a 1990 Honda Civic, a blue sedan with air conditioning and power everything. The I-35-to-I-20 interchange in Fort Worth, Texas was completed in 1990, the continent’s north-south traffic now funneled through a city-bisecting concrete trough. A year later, […]

The Deal Vibrant

As insults go, one from junk email should incite small reaction. It was standard marketing puff I hadn’t asked for. Well I know such emails come from managerial delusions of grandeur, someone in a tie or uncomfortable heels whose starry eyes are too enamored with the products and services they are responsible for pushing to realize nobody will care […]

Michael Glawogger Has Died

The Austrian documentary film director Michael Glawogger died on April 22, 2014, a result of misdiagnosed malaria on a film shoot in Liberia. He was only 54. The news came to me only this week. In some places, news does not travel fast, and this is a comfort to me. It allows time for the news to […]

Last Sunday in Spring

Today is the last Sunday in spring 2013. Next week will be summer. Most of the country is already submerged in its gibbous heat, the air all volume and weight that pull out kid time to million year stretches. In the Pacific Northwest spring is still uncommitted: a week of bell-clear eighties and then a […]

God at the Beach

Sun came, a surprise. I went to the beach to run, but mostly be outside myself. For the first time in months, the chatter stopped, and then I thought of jokes. Then I thought: We come into life without guidance, but also without weight. We don’t want what we don’t miss, and we don’t know […]

Cat Cancerface

The thing on her face appeared suddenly. She went on her typical evening snoop around the garage, poking in the same boxes and sitting on the same car she always sit on, but came back in with a bump on the ridge of her nose, near the left eye. I thought she’d run into something […]

Last Walk Along the Bridge

The sign appeared only a week before, connecting the bus driver’s half-heard exclamation: they’re gonna close the bridge, yaknow! The highway sign spells it out in glowing block letters: STARTING 11/28 AIRPORT BRIDGE CLOSED. The four lanes of traffic push on like the ceaseless river it is, at least on weekday mornings when tired single […]

What You Have To Do

For me, it’s taken some time. I’ve had to be alone to hear and see the things I needed. They were inside me all the time, but I had to see them reflected in something outside myself to know them. I think about being alone. Am I, was I? I was in a place I […]

Your favorite posts?

Which posts have been your favorites, and why? It’s that time of year when you reach ahead and look back, and I’d like to know. If you’d rather not share publicly, feel free to email me at dex3703 at the google mail.