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Inhale before descent Fifth grade was when I first started watching late night comedy. Coinciding with my endless repetition of Bill Cosby albums on my Montgomery Wards four-in-one hi-fi stereo, I would inhale the first musky hint of adulthood each Friday as I was allowed to push the…

Monkey at Night

The day was a long one, but was not all that long. Spent focused in front of the screen all day, the code lining up in little colored words with breaks to the fluorescent bathrooms down halls all hushed and all identical in color, it is over somehow. Staring out the window, the momentary thought […]


I am not yet fully moved in to my new place, go to work every day at a job where for once I do not feel worry and dread, have finished my last improv class, am two days from Halloween, am not struggling with guilt and questioning as much as I was, and have just […]

The End of Pills

I finished the last of these yesterday, three months’ worth. The reasons I was taking it have been gone for some time, but I have kept taking it in the hopes they stay gone. Some distrust pills. They have had bad experiences, friends and relatives too attracted to the wrong kinds, feel that fate should […]

Stuck – repost

The completed “Stuck” has been reposted.

Hilo ride

I’m on my way back from the mountain and I see them: girl and boy, with that earnest dazed look they all have. They have stepped out of a magazine, all tawny-haired and tanned lithe. We just need up past the Halapana bridge, she says. He has a bike’s front wheel. It’s hardly any distance. […]

Da kine

Here is what I learned from visiting with my landlady tonight: Buss’ up What the ocean did to me. She was explaining to her coworkers what I looked like. You shoulda seen! He all buss’ up! I say from up to down, all on the right, he buss’ up, ya? It is generally seen as […]