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Planets of Gold

1990 is in the past, but its artifacts remain. The first car that was wholly mine was a 1990 Honda Civic, a blue sedan with air conditioning and power everything. The I-35-to-I-20 interchange in Fort Worth, Texas was completed in 1990, the continent’s north-south traffic now funneled through a city-bisecting concrete trough. A year later, […]

Heavy Little Bag

I am in a park reading when the call comes. I’d forgotten to expect it but once the name shows I know what it is. They’re back. We’re open until seven. I read for a while longer, 30-something moms chasing their toddlers across the green green grass. When they pass within a hundred feet of […]


Friday night I am in the dark bedroom and see the shape. For a moment time is in multiples and split across itself, the past two weeks erased and the future I thought I was returning to played out correctly, and it’s Friday night and the cat is on the bed as she always is […]