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Ralph’s: More Than Pretty Good

Bernie Sanders is in town. A week before, he filled Key Arena and thousands are left outside by the Seattle Center fountain to watch the stump speech on a portable Jumbotron. A week later he returns, this time to the five-times larger Safeco Field, where the line creeps down Fourth Avenue. I wait two hours. At the end, I watch a […]

2014 – Last Things

2014 – Last Things

As years go, 2014 was better than it feels to write about its passing. Things were done and said I don’t remember that were important, and that weren’t. Some may remember the unimportant things, and forget the important ones. Who can know? I’m sure you are in the same boat. Above is the last dishwasher […]

Why I’m Not Around So Much

My postings here have fallen off. Not a great loss, given my tiny audience, though I appreciate my tiny audience is not in it for the cat pictures. Does it matter? Nothing matters. Everything matters. I’ve been working on a book. It’s a mountain from the past that still hangs out there, but the climb […]

Good Box

Christmas has outgrown even our outsized childhood ideas of plenty. It has become the fulcrum of more: lights, things, extravaganzas, debt. Armies of the poor invisible to us toil to make the stuff we are expected to give ourselves to show love, which in consumerist coin is more like fealty. You’re a bad parent if […]

Signs of Fall

Fall has come, this year a mess: sunny days, then drenching rain, then grey days of hugging clouds and fog. The season is confused. Got an early summer, grouse mossback locals. Serves us right we get an early fall.  Not having a television cues me in to the signs and moods Thoreau would have known, or old paleolithic […]

Hello Molly

When the universe says yes, you must yes back. Little Blue, faithful companion, has long been growing long in the tooth. The top end ticking had faded, the steering leak was minor, the other slings and arrows it had endured cosmetic and minor, but Little Blue is a iron machine. I had dreams of entropy […]

So Long to the Kid

Improv was an impossible thing. Seeing it on late night TV–my middle school brain rattled by a confluence of bullying, the incessant College Is Coming drumbeat, and the starry Texas sky–was a new dimension to what humans were capable of. I was captivated, entranced. Monty Python could challenge my bladder control, but those guys wrote […]